You know….. the choice of your bride dress is certainly the most important for different reasons.

First of all due the female vanity, the bride must seriously sure to choose the right dress; around the bride dress, there are many expectations and the most important thing that the future bride must consider is to follow her instinct during the choice.

Even if you haven’t a book, you will understant wich dress will be your “bride dress” and you will choose only that will make you feel good; it seems that is not so difficult, there is a saying that “is the dress that choose the bride”.

The first rule to follow, during your choice, is to bring out the fascinable points of your body and

hide others; for example: if you have a voluminous breast, is not recommended a dress with a balconette bodice, that would make you feel embarassed in the church, while if you have a small breast is recommended increase it, with a pushup bra and a bodice that follows your curves.

The tall bride can wear a long train which is not recommended to the minute bride. If you have wide hips one ideal dress could be “empire style” that is cut under the breast and falls soft; this model has the advantage to make the figure more slender.

An other important detail to be consider is the choice of the fabrics: silk is very used and you can find it in many variations: voile and organza are very light, the duchesse and satin very soft while shantung, mikado and broccato are very heavy so used less than the others to realize a bride dress.

If you decided to wear a dress that shows your back it’s very important that you treat this part of your body with beauty treatments before you wedding event.

The last step to follow regarding the accessories.

Bride veil: if your dress is in lace the veil doesn’t have to be.

Shoes: must be buied after the bride dress and it’s preferable to make it realize with the same cloth of your dress, to be sure to have the same white of your dress.

Underwear: only after your dress choice.  The bride dress represent one of the most important expense, but today there is the possibility to find a very beautiful dress in one of the numerous outlet that propose exclusive models at discounted price.